Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Ship (redesign website) User Test


Promotion page

Branches Location Page

About The Ship
(there is some different, because some mistake when uploading.)

Target Audince :
- Age : 21 - 30
- Tourist

User Testing Q&A

1. Do you find the website user friendly?
- Yes
- No, why? …

2. Can this website identify its own company?
- Yes
- No, because…

3. Can you understand the navigation buttons?
- Can
- Can’t

4. Can you understand what is this website about?
- Yes, please tell me about it…
- No, because…

5. Can you find out more about the product?
- Yes, …
- No, …

6. Let’s say you want to go The Ship Petaling Jaya Branch, can you find it easily?
- Yes
- No,…

7. Do you find the shipping information useful?
- Yes
- No
- Where is it?
- Other :_________________________

8.Will you suggest people to view my site?
- Yes
- No,…

9. Will you visit my site again?
- Yes
- No

1o. Does the website load fast?
- Yes
- No

11. Compared to their current site (here) , which website looks better?
- Mine
- Theirs

12.How would you rate this site? (1- 5)

13.How do you feel about this site?
Comments, question, suggestions : ___________________________________________________

14. Your age, and gender : ___________________
Thankyou, so much!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ship Homepage

This is my initial design of The Ship homepage,
hope yours can generously leave your comment and suggestion to me!
Thx lots^^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strategic Brief.....The Ship

Project Definition
The project goal is to redesign a site. This is the site which I am going to redesign it:
http://www.theship.com.my/ . It is a food restaurant site. The restaurant has the “ship” decoration. Their theme is to let people get the feeling like have a dinner or lunch in ship. The main food they promote is the steak, because they describe that the ship restaurant with the reputation of serving The Best Steak in Town. The unique exterior of the restaurant is also the advantage for attracting people. Yet they are providing the ship environment concept, the site also should consistent to their impression. The site will providing the old ship mood, so the audience will realize they are enter “The Ship” site.

Current Site’s Analysis Goals
The site is going to provide the food list, information about the restaurant, the location and the new release information. The audience is interested to know that.

The original site is a lot to improve, because the whole site seems already outdated. The photos and images are very low quality. They are using deep dark red and black colors for background, the color mood are quite bad. The images are always in square shape and looks like random arrangement, especially in the menu page.

To increase the hit rate, the site should redesign, but still maintain their concept, you are having lunch on THE SHIP.

Client’s Analysis
Background information:
Three decades ago in Malaysia entrepreneurs were understandably hesitant of venturing into the western food restaurant business. They were still trying to wean themselves from the influences of their pre-independence colonial masters and to rediscover their local Asian values.

Nevertheless, there were these young restauranteurs who believed that good food always crosses cultures and prejudices, and appeals to discerning consumers. Mr. Foo Hee Hoon, Mr. Foo Hee Loon and other partners almost single-handedly took on the formidable challenge to start The Ship restaurant (The Ship), opening at Jalan Sultan Ismail what was later to become one of the many more outlets all over Malaysia. Although it wasn't exactly smooth sailing all the way, there was never a doubt that its captain at the helm was steadily steering it towards sure success.

Business target & Aim:
The Ship foresees bright prospects in strengthening and expanding its thriving business, and plans are being carefully made by Mr. Foo and his capable managers to diversify into ventures synergistic with the core business. With the continued loyal support of its many customers, suppliers, management, staffs and friends, The Ship will not only be assured of its own success but will also contribute meaningfully to the success of The Nation's Vision 2020.

Unique Selling point:
- Providing a unique ship environment to customer.
- The Service provided by captains and crews in maritime uniform.
- They serve up a wide variety of the tastiest western food from the choicest and freshest
- The Ship introduced live musical entertainment to its selected outlets, bringing in the
concept of wine, dine and be entertained.

Position & Cultural Value
The Ship has contributed in making Malaysia a popular tourist destination. This, too, is just another indication of The Ship sailing on to greater heights. If imitation is a form of flattery, The Ship must be doing something right, because many others have since followed suit with western restaurants sprouting up everywhere. In the face of growing competition, The Ship not only confidently holds on to its own premier position but has since expanded further with 5 more outlets at strategic locations, and more are being planned. More importantly, each of these outlets has proven a tremendous success story in its own right.

Short & Long-term Site Goals
Another target customer of the ship restaurant is the tourist, so the site is being a important role to promote the restaurant.

For short-term, is to let local people know there are a informative and nice local restaurant site are existed because the original site are not attractive, so will less people would like to enter the site for searching food.

For long-term, any new release promotion should update to the site as soon as possible, but not to provide outdated information. The tourist will get across internet to know more about Malaysia and sure they are searching for the local food and unique restaurant. The attractive site are necessary for a tourist-aiming restaurant.

Target Audience
- Customer candidate aged 21 above.

We knew that the ship restaurant is considering a high consuming place, so the target audience must be the office worker and tourist.

For career part: the male or female candidate aged about 21-30 years.

Competitor’s Analysis
Primary Competitor T.G.I Friday
- A western food restaurant.
- Layout simple and nice, comfortable and good navigation system site.
- Site designed in flash, with music and sound effect.
- The information arrangement clear and tidy with hierarchy.

Secondary Competitor Nandos
- Main Selling: Chicken Meal
- Nice drawing and illustration site.
- Site designed in flash, layout with some interesting little animate.
- Nice color mood, feel comfortable and familiar.

Tertiary Competitor Mcdonald
- Fast food culture(Western food as well)
- Familiar and Simple layout.
- The site are informative, if got any new promotion, they will update it as

soon as possible. The food menu lists with price and quality nutrition.